Meester Max wants to help Dutch, Flemish and other speakers to learn or improve their Dutch language skills. With the help of interactive, challenging and personal lessons, Meester Max takes care of a tailor made offer. Meester Max helps pupils from primary school, secondary school, but also adults who are in learning or would like to improve their Dutch language.

At Meester Max, the lessons are provided by the very best, passionate, talented and innovative teachers who adopt a tailored style and approach. Each student is unique and deserves their own approach. Your teacher will create a lesson each week that matches the pupil's personal learning needs, interest and learning goals.

Meester Max goes for maximum learning development, maximum results and maximum learning fulfilment. Our lessons are tailored to you and adopt a modern approach to learning. Lessons are through Skype, documents shared via email, Dropbox or Whatsapp and topical news articles posted through Google.

You will also be able to find much more information about IGCSE Dutch on our website.

Dutch lessons for primary education

Your son or daughter will receive effective Dutch lessons at Meester Max via Skype or Facetime. You can also decide where the focus is and the priorities lie during the lessons. A number of aspects that are frequently included for school students are:

  • Technical reading 

  • Reading comprehension 

  • Vocabulary 

  • Writing skills 

  • Spelling and grammar 

Weekly, the teacher designs a lesson based on the current affairs, the mistakes and development areas identified in the previous lesson and the learning goals that were stated during the application.

Dutch lessons for adults

We welcome students at Meester Max of any age. Maybe your partner is Dutch or Flemish, maybe you want to move to the Netherlands soon, maybe you engage with Dutch businesses, maybe you want to communicate with your family in their native language or maybe you have another reason to learn Dutch.

At Meester Max, our teachers can help you achieve your learning goals. Together with the teacher you set up your learning goals, and they will develop a customised curriculum just for you. 

It is important that students, as well as Dutch classes, become "immersed" in Dutch as much as possible. The discussion of Dutch films, series and music will also be embedded in the personal curriculum as desired. We can also study with specific viewing assignments for television programs such as Wie is de Mol, Expedition Robinson of The Voice of Holland.

Dutch lessons for secundary education

The enthusiastic and talented teachers of Meester Max provide efficient Dutch lessons via Skype. In consultation, the focus and priority is determined during the lessons. A number of aspects that will often be relevant to secondary school students are:

  • Reading comprehension 

  • Vocabulary 

  • Writing skills 

  • Style 

  • Spelling and grammar 

Each week, the teacher designs a lesson based on current affairs, the mistakes and development areas identified in the previous lesson and the learning goals that were stated during the application.

I want a free taster lesson

6 reasons to choose for Meester Max's Dutch language lessons


Meester Max listens to it’s customers. The teacher provides a nice learning environment and we think the "click" with every student is very important. You don't have to work on your own in a 'fancy' online portal. You have a private teacher assigned to you who will be there for you every lesson. Your teacher will use the mistakes you make in a lesson to plan the next lesson in order to create the best learning outcome.

    Culture classes

The Netherlands’ King's Day, Carnaval, the famous Black Pete’s of Sinterklaas and the country’s fight against the water are just some of the engaging topics discussed. If it is relevant for you or if it's covered in that week's news items, we can discuss the different parts of the Dutch culture. 

   Lessons tailored

We start with the learning goals. What do you want to achieve, which components of the Dutch language are the most important to you? Is it speaking and listening? Is it writing and reading? Is it to increase your vocabulary? Is it a combination of all? You decide where the focus will be. Each lesson is designed based on current affairs, the outcome of the previous lesson and the personal learning goals .


You decide with the teacher when the lessons take place. After school time, in the evening or at weekends. Are you travelling, is it busy at work for a couple of weeks or are you at holiday? For Meester Max this is no problem. You decide when you want to plan extra lessons, or when you want to skip some lessons. You only pay for the lessons you take. In comparison with competitors, you don't pay a monthly or a yearly fee. If you cancel a lesson, make sure you do this 24 hours before the start of the lesson. 

    Passionate teachers

The teachers who work at Meester Max love to teach. Your success and development is their priority! Besides working in the field of education, they love to teach the private lessons for Meester Max. For the teachers it is such a big achievement to see what non-native speakers can learn in a year's time. This is teachers love to teach.

    Lesson material

The costs for course material is included in the price. Each week, the lesson material is e-mailed to you. You don't have to pay for a license, books or other material. Your tailored lesson plans will be shared by email or Google Drive. You tell us what you prefer.

Your Language Level Goal

There are several levels that you can achieve when you want to learn the Dutch language. Below are the internationally recognised levels:

A1: Beginner After a few lessons you can:

- Understand Dutch by making and understanding basic vocabulary and sentences;

- Ask and answer basic questions

- Describe a basic vocabulary of pictures.

A2: Elementary At the end of these classes you can:

- Understand familiar words and very simple sentences about yourself and your family when people speak slowly and clearly;

- Read trusted names, words and very simple sentences, for example in communications, on posters and magazines;

- Use simple sentences and describe where you live

- Write a short simple postcard

- Fill in forms with personal details.

B1: Pre-intermediate          After these lessons you will be able to:

- Understand the sentences and the most frequent words related to personal data, family, shopping, employment, etc.

- read simple texts like ads, menus and timetables and understand short, simple, personal letters;

- Describe a series of expressions and sentences in simple terms;

- write short, simple notes and messages

B2: Intermediate          After these lessons you can:

- Understand the main points of many radio or television programs or subjects of personal and professional interest when speaking slowly and clearly;

- read and understand the description of events, feelings and wishes in personal letters;

- connect sentences in a simple way to describe experiences and events, dreams and ambitions;

- give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans;

- write simple texts on topics that are familiar;

- write personal letters with experiences and impressions

C1: Upper-intermediate         After completing these lessons you can:

- Understand a longer speech, Understand the TV news and Understand different TV shows;

- reading articles and more difficult texts;

- interact with a smooth and spontaneous conversation, allowing normal exchange with native speakers.

- take an active role in discussions with familiar contexts;

- write a clear, detailed text on various topics related to your interests.

C2: Advanced          Once you have reached this level you can:

- Understanding speeches, television shows and movies without too much effort;

- understand long and complex texts

- Provide clear, detailed descriptions on complex subjects

- Express yourself in clear, well structured text and outline views;

- write about complex topics in a letter, essay or report.

Our Students

It's important to know what our students think of the lessons. Meester Max tries the lessons to be educational, current and enjoyable. For example, one lesson could be about the sights and sounds of London, another could be to discuss the various rivers in the Netherlands. Students provide feedback at the end of the lesson series to ensure our teaching is working to the maximum. 

"Max gives fantastic lessons over Skype, its a great way to learn the language and super convenient, I've found it far more motivating to have regular lessons than try to self-motivate through free apps such as Duolingo. Thank you!"


(Via Google Review)

Our Team

Our team consists of the best teachers who teach Dutch, Flemish and British students abroad. The teachers at Meester Max have different backgrounds and experiences. They also each have their own specialty. The lessons are designed and taken care of by passionate, experienced and specialised teachers. Most of them are employed in education. Some teachers live in England, others in the Netherlands and one of us lives in South Africa!



If the students are younger, it is very important for Meester Max that, in addition to the students, the parents are also satisfied with the lessons and the material. When you choose Dutch master classes from Meester Max, you choose for a personal approach, convenience, quality and success.

Do you have any feedback or tips? Please send me an e-mail to meestermax@outlook.com

"I would like to thank you very much for all the help and good lessons! Jessica's Dutch has certainly made a big step forward since last year."

Yvonne [Parent]

Tarrifs   school year 2017-2018

You can take a single lesson for €60,- per 60 minutes. If you plan to take regular lessons on a regular basis,

It is wise to choose a package. The more lessons you take, the higher your discount. The discount can be up to 17%.

Single lesson

- 1 lesson

- invoice at the end of the month

- Lesson at your chosen time

€60,- per hour


- 9 lessons

- Payment in advance

- flexible lesson schedule

€57,50 per hour

Total price: €517,50


- 18 hours

- Payment in advance

- flexible lesson schedule

€55,- per hour

Total price: €990,-

Most popular


- 36 lessons

- Payment in advance

- flexible lesson schedule

€52,50 per hour

Total price: €1890,-


- 72 lessons

- Payment in advance

- flexible lesson schedule

€50,- per hour

Total price:  €3600,-

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Where do the private lessons take place?

The lessons take place wherever you want. We see that children often attend the classes at home, sometimes at school too. Our teachers will provide the Dutch lessons through Skype.

When do the classes take place?

You will discuss and agree with the teacher when the lessons take place. Often a moment is chosen after school time. Should it be better to choose a weekend, this is also possible in consultation with the teacher.

How often do the classes take place?

It is important to follow the class regularly. Meester Max recommends to attend at least 45 minutes per week. Sometimes 2 x 30 minutes or 1 x 60 minutes are also chosen. You decide what is best for you. In order to learn or maintain a language, it is important that the lessons take place weekly.

How fast can I start?

When you are contacted and a test lesson has taken place, we can devise and discuss a plan of action. Once the most suitable teacher is found and a suitable package is chosen, the lessons can start. At this moment there is no waiting list.

Who are the teachers?

The teachers working at Meester Max are talented, passionate and experienced adults who have Dutch as their mother tongue and each has a background in education. On this page you can read more about our teachers.

What are the costs per lesson?

One lesson costs £ 45, -. If you plan to follow multiple classes, then you can choose a package that suits your needs. You can find the rates for these master classes by Meester Max.

Can only Expats children be enrolled for the Dutch classes via Skype?

Even though we see that the audience is mainly children of expats, everyone is welcome to Meester Max. Because we look at what the best approach per student is, we will design a tailor-made package for everyone.

Can I also take a single lesson?

Master Max likes to respond to customer demand. Of course, after a free trial lesson, you can take a single lesson if that is your requirement.

Do Flemish or English-speaking students also sign up for Dutch lessons with Meester Max?

Students from Belgium, the Netherlands and other Dutch-speaking countries can all sign up for the lessons of Meester Max. We provide lessons for beginners to advanced. Of course, subjects of the lesson will match the localisms of the country the student comes from and where the student currently lives.

Do the lessons go on during the vacation?

If you want lessons in the summer vacation, we try to take care of it. If you do not want classes for a couple of weeks, that's no problem at all.

Although consistency is important for language development, we understand that sometimes work or other things are more important than your weekly lesson. Discuss it in good time with your teacher if you want to skip a lesson.

Do I have to pay for lessons that didn't take place?

No, you only have to pay for lessons given. If the student is sick or unable to complete the lesson for another reason (sports, day school, exam) and you have notified us at least 24 hours in advance, the lesson will not be charged.

Are the costs for the material included?

Yes, we use all sorts of learning tools. There are no additional costs for this. You don't pay for extra subscriptions, books or exercises.

Why are the rates in British Pounds?

Meester Max was founded in England in 2016. Most customers come from England. If you pay in another currency, we will exchange the rate on the day you make your payment.


Please contact us

Do you have any questions, is there something you want to say. Do you want to have a free taster lesson?

Please contact us via this form or send an email to contact@meestermax.nl