Cambridge - IGCSE Dutch

Cambridge IGCSE Dutch is accepted by universities and employers as proof of language proficiency. If you choose IGCSE Dutch, you can develop lifelong skills, including:
• the ability to use a Dutch as a means of practical communication
• insight into the Dutch and Flemish culture.
• a good basis for progress towards employment or further study in The Netherlands.

Meester Max offers flexible preparation to the IGCSE Dutch exam. Depending on your starting level, we will be able to give advise on the amount of lessons needed for the preparation. Some students choose to spend half a year, some students choose to spend an entire school year. All parts that appear in the exam will be practiced with the teacher. Official past papers and exercises designed by Master Max will also be administered. These are assessed and provide a basis for areas for improvement that can be worked on.

Dutch - Foreign Language (0515)

In terms of level, this exam is comparable to GCSE Dutch . This exam will expire in 2021 . Take this last chance to receive your grade for your Dutch IGCSE. Would you like more information or a free trial lesson? Please, feel free to send us an email .

IGCSE Dutch voorbereiding en oefenexamens van Meester Max


Kitty said:

" Lei worked very hard last school year
and has made great progress. His starting level was already quite good.

We have worked a lot on exam training
and writing skills. By keeping that as a focus during
the lessons he managed to get that A *.