Meester Max offers IB Dutch lessons

The IB (International Baccalaureate) historically only offers Dutch A: Literature SSST (school supported self-taught) for distance learning. This means that the programme isn't taught at a day school. The student prepares the exams through independent study supervised by an external teacher. Whilst we are able to offer this distance learning service, we've seen that most schools or parents prefer one of the other Dutch IB courses we offer, for example:

- IB Dutch Language ab initio

- IB Dutch B Language acquisition

- IB Dutch A Language and Literature

- IB Dutch A Literature

Not every student finds it easy to study a language based course independently. The students we work with, get all the time they need with one of our teachers to go through the course together.

Although we offer flexibility, our IB courses are based on the following standards:

- All our courses are two years in duration

- Our experienced IB teachers are currently teaching the courses face-to-face at several international schools

- We follow the official IB course guides

- Our students are formally assessed in the same way as students in face-to-face courses

- We offer our own practice examinations and use official IB Dutch past papers to prepare students for examinations

Lesson rate - IB Dutch lessons

For the following subjects, our hourly rate is €87.

- IB Dutch: pre-IB

- IB Dutch: Language ab initio

- IB Dutch B: Language acquisition

- IB Dutch A: Language and Literature

- IB Dutch A: Literature

As part of our customised approach we prepare a schedule of lessons based on the student's academic and school commitments (inset days, breaks, exam weeks etc). This will be in consultation with the students, parents and school.

We can customise the duration of the lessons to fit the student's school roster. At some schools we teach 45 minute lessons, at other schools we work with 60 or 90 minutes.

Fees can be paid in a lumpsum or via three equal instalments.

Preparation, marking, design of the curriculum (based on the chosen themes and literature), report comments, administration, uploading files to IBIS, contact with the schools and all other tasks are covered in the hourly rate: there are no hidden extra fees.

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